Social Media Marketing Trend

Nowadays more and more businesses start to use social media to market their products and brands. Around 92% of business marketers recognize the important role of social media marketing in improving their business. According to large surveys and statistics, social media marketing has the following trend in 2017.

  • Live videos go viral: More and more marketers want to learn more about live videos and plan to use live video services like Facebook Live and Vimeo Live to market their brands.
  • Visuals are necessary: Around 85% of marketers have applied visuals in the marketing and many want to increase their percentage of visuals.
  • Facebook keeps being the first choice for marketers: Like always, Facebook is the first choice for marketers as far as social media marketing is concerned. According to a survey, around sixty percent of participants regard Facebook as the most influential social network for marketing. In addition, more than ninety percent of social marketers use Facebook ads regularly, while more than sixty want to increase their Facebook ads.
  • Engagement and tactics are the most important things for marketers: more than 90% of marketers would like to get the best methods to engage with their viewers and grasp useful tactics.
  • Instagram increasingly goes popular: Nowadays more than 50% of marketers use Instagram. What’s more, more than 60% of marketers want to increase their Instagram ads, and even more marketers want to know more about it.

Next, let’s look at the top three questions that social media marketers want to get answers.

No. 1: What kind of tactics is the most effective one?

More than 90% of marketers participated in the survey want to know the most effective tactics to apply social networks to marketing. It is not surprising. After all, changes have always been taken place in the social networks.

No. 2: How to effectively connect with viewers via social media?

According to the survey, marketers are struggling to attract their audience and make them more engaged, because in this way the viewers can become potential customers.

No. 3: How to measure the return on the investment of social media marketing?

Apparently, social media marketing are playing a more and more important role in business marketing activities. However, what confuses the marketers is how to measure the return on their investment for it.


Frankly speaking, social media marketing is totally different from traditional marketing and it seems to be a difficult job for marketers to grasp the tactics to choose their marketing strategies. Grasping the trend of social media marketing and then locating potential customers may help marketer to perform marketing more effectively.

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