How to gain huge Instagram Followers?

To all Insta lovers out there who are striving to get some crazy number of followers for their Insta account. Don’t you worry buddies, here are the tips and tricks to gain high Instagram Followers in a few days.
Instagram is a social networking site, where photography enthusiast post photos regularly to share with their followers and you can view the photos uploaded by the people you follow. But getting a high number of followers is a tough job and if you haven’t yet read this article. So go ahead.
Choose the best username and theme
Starting from scratch, picking up a suitable username and theme for your account is the first most important tip. The username “gods own country” is much better than just “Kerala”. Similarly, choose a unique theme for your profile. It can be either food, travel, animals, photography or any of your passion. But it should be unique. A simple personal portfolio type profiles won’t get much attention and don’t forget to include your details. Make sure that your profile bio is more attractive and interesting, since it is the first thing people notice when they open your account. Use some quick words like “Caffeine addict” or “Photography Freak” etc.

Start Exploring and Start Liking

Liking other person’s posts is like providing an invitation to your page right in their hands. Like your friend’s post in homepage or visit Explore page and start liking the most trending posts of the day. This way people get notified about you and there are chances that they will follow you back. In the Explore page, search for your favourite stuffs or stuffs similar to your own page, using hash-tag and start liking the posts you see. You have to like at-least 500 posts per day, so you can get chances of half the people visiting your page.
Another great way is to search for hash-tags like, #instadaily #like4like #follow4follow and more like these, where you see persons post similar like yours. If you like their posts then they will like yours back.

Start Commenting

Commenting on people’s post will give more personal touch and attention than simply liking their post. You don’t have to type long sentences. Just comment with simple appreciations like “nice pic”, “loved it” etc., But don’t be more generous and comment in all the post. Be gentle.

Commenting on your own post will also create attention. Tell about the pic you have posted in a line or two, or just mention about the place where it have been taken. Make sure to add some tags like #pets #love #morning etc., this will gain crowd who are looking for the same hash-tags in Explore page. But make sure not to make it so long, because people will get bored easily if they see long posts.
Ask questions in your post comment, and invite your friends to comment their opinions. You can post a picture of two shoes and ask your friends to suggest which one to wear the next day. This way you can easily gain popularity.


How much and When to Post?

Even after doing all those stuffs mentioned above, if you are not getting enough followers, then you are not posting enough. Posting photos regularly is an important aspect to gain lots of followers. Post at least one picture a day but not more than that, to keep your followers engaged.

Social services to Gain Instagram Followers

There are many websites and experts out there who promise you to gain 1k or 2k followers in seconds. But most of them are just spam or corrupted. But there are few which really doing the job in well manner and chose the best one to make you happy.
Many apps will help you to get popularity and you can search the most popular tags of the day and the app will show the list of the tags. All you have to do is copy those tags and paste it along with your posts. Having these popular tags in your post, your post automatically receives attention from all over Instagram, helping you to gain more likes and followers. That’s it guys. Hope you have gained few or more followers using this article.


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