Social Media Tips- How to Engage and Interact

Well, the second decade of the century is just four years short to end. The digital landscape has undergone an extensive makeover in the last 10 years. During this remodelling of the digital era, it has changed the way markets did business in the past, and the key area which it has affected the most is marketing. Now a days, marketing via TV ads, print media, radio, are the kits of the past. Every idea or content requires a platform for it to publish, we have been blessed with different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc.

Today we will be talking about how to use these social media platforms to our advantage. As you know that you can pay and get a sponsored ad published, but, we will be discussing about how to engage the audience for a small business like photography or selling home-made crafts and arts. Here we will be discussing about Facebook, Instagram and Reddit.


Mostly, for our small time businesses or hobbies, which we want to share, we use Facebook or Instagram. At this juncture, I am mentioning both together because, the way you can interact with your onlookers in both the platforms is almost similar. On both the platforms, after a certain number of days, there is a stagnation in your account activities in terms of likes and followers. It has been evident on Instagram, the number of real instagram followers reduces if you don’t post on a regular basis, and same is the case with your Facebook page.

In Instagram, your work usually gets spread depending on the hashtags used, and with that, you can connect to the different parts of the world. You can always show genuine interest in others work by saying, “Hope you are doing well and I really admire the work you have done”. Try being regular and if by any reasons you can’t, do share that reason with your audiences, people admire honesty. Show gratitude to your followers by personally sending them a DM, they will respect that. The same actions can also be applied to your Facebook page, with your regularity of post being a vital element. In Facebook, you can also feature your followers’ work on your page with their permission, which increases the chances of your collaboration with them in the future.


On Reddit, you can submit text posts, links, contents, etc. The Reddit community is really agile and interactive. When you reach out to the Reddit users with a remarkable job and if they adore your work, those audience will last with you forever. They will promote, share and engage others with your work. But, if you give them a sense of being a spam by doing a half job, or your words don’t reflect your work, they will taste you the dirt. So, if you are going to interact with them, do it sincerely or don’t. You can always document and share your stories, which makes you a genuine being for your audiences.

In both the cases, you need to have patience, humility and respect towards those who appreciate your craft.


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